10 Smart Money Making Ideas For 2012 And Beyond

February 2, 2015 0 Comments

The year 2012 might not seem like a lucrative business year to a lot of people due to the economic meltdown. However, there will still be business transactions and the smart ones will still make their money in the midst of this hardship. Here are some proven practical ideas for making money this year.

1.     Establish a club

Despite the scarcity of resources, people still need to interact with one another because interaction is a basic need of life. Through clubs, people get to make new friends and meet potential business clients; there should be something to benefit from your club. In exchange for these benefits, people will be willing to pay for its membership and renewal.

2.     Pick up abandoned goods

People dispose certain goods that seem useless to them in order to create space, but on the other hand, these goods can be useful, all they need is a little touch of refinement. You can pick these “useless” goods and sell them to people who can refine them for a good amount of money.

3.     Search for precious stones

Precious stones may seem dirty at the crude stage but cherished by many people when refined and they cost a lot of money. You can secure the permit to dig up the ground, in search of precious stones which you will sell if found. To do this, you have to understand the different types of stones.

4.     Occupy empty properties

In the absence of people to live in properties like houses, most owners need people to occupy them, in order to avoid hoodlums breaking into these houses to steal things. Most of these houses are given to interested occupants free of charge for the agreed period of time. This way, you can save the money meant for your accommodation.

5.     Start blogging

Blogging has become a “hot cake” in the world today. Many people are making money from this new development by providing information to people on their blogs. You don’t need to be a renowned writer to be a blogger, just write about something you love.

6.     Make a new invention

Despite the variety of goods and services in the market, the world is still open to new inventions, people are always willing to try out new things in order to get the best satisfaction. If you have a new idea about a product or service, start it up or seek for assistance from manufacturers and you will be handsomely rewarded.

7.     Do odd hand jobs

During a situation of economic meltdown, people always want to clean up their houses and garages in order to discard unwanted things and create space for renting. You can offer to do the clean up for an agreed amount of money or fix up things in the house.

8.     Run errands

Due to the need to make money this year, most people like executives are so busy with work and do not have time to do certain things by themselves such as running errands. You can make yourself available to be their personal assistant who will do these things for them and get paid.

9. Become a freelance photographer

With the development in the new media, websites and blogs need photographs that will bring traffic to their sites. All you need to do is to buy a good digital camera and take shots of celebrities and other rare events which you can sell to these websites and blogs in exchange for money.

10  Look for hidden treasures

You can discover some hidden treasures with the help of a metal detector. There are many hidden treasures in the ground worth good money, all you have to do is find them and sell them to interested parties. However, you have to seek permission from relevant authorities in order to do this legitimately.