The Age long Secret To Financial Success-Hard Work

January 18, 2015 0 Comments

You have to work hard and smart to get rich enough not to have to work any more but lead. This key cannot be over emphasized. Observing and learning from the very rich and wealthy has brought me to a conclusion that hard work is not negotiable on your way to riches and wealthy. Nearly every single wealth man or woman on the planet earth today as yesterday slogged their guts out to get where they are today.

They sacrificed a lot, worked late into the might, while others were snoring they were up thinking out winning strategies, horning their human and technical skills, reading and studying their way out of poverty. They temporally denied themselves certain leisure, pleasures and luxuries. They simply worked their socks off.

If you are serious about getting rich and wealthy, then you must join the queue of hard work and smart work. You have to put in your very best into that venture until success of it. Arise from your comfort zone at put your hands on the plough not looking. There is no success without labour.

This is where we sort the men from the boys, the wheat from the chaff, the girls from the women, the runner–up from the winners. This is not about becoming a workaholic but been daring enough to conquer your fears, pains and limitations, working yourself out of debt, lack and penury. Remember nothing good comes easy. Ask Henry ford, founder of ford motors co.; Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft; Ted Turner founder of CNN; Michael Dell, founder of Dell computer; Steve Jobs, founder of apple computer how hard they laboured to become great today.

Here is the secrets of the wealthy club – work like you have never worked before hard smartly. Hard work in a acquiring the necessary information and education to succeed, hard work in developing wining strategies, hard work in networking, hard working in discovering and developing your human and technical skills and commercializing it for profits my dear, you must know that working hard here does not meanthat what ever you work hard at will make you become wealthy. For example an office cleaner get minimum wage will not become wealthy by working hard, however, he might become rich and wealthy by starting his own cleaning company and working hard at getting it off the ground. Working hard and smart in finding and building his client base, planning, strategizing and executing, employing the best hands and keeping his staff motivated and happy always and every thing necessary to make the company successful.

Even if you have million dollar idea or some to invest in shares or what ever kind of investment, you will only make profit if you work really hard and smart at your idea or investing the money wisely and managing it carefully. The effort, commitment, dedication and sacrifice must go in first before you will reap the dividends. There is dignity in labour. Hard work pays hands only.