Wealth Building:Dealing With Poverty

January 22, 2015 0 Comments

Poverty is not the lack of money to meet your needs but a state of the mind. There are millions of people around the world who have money to meet their needs but can still be termed poor because of how they earn their money and how they use it. If money has not started working for you, you are get to be rich or wealthy. Money is in the mind not your purse or bank account.Wealth building actually begins first in the mind.

Poverty as a mindset, a mindset that is choked with wrong beliefs about it self, the world, people are money. The state of your mind determines largely how much financial success you can achieve in life “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he” -Jesus

Money dose not cure poverty. Give a man with poverty mentality the whole money in the world and he will loose every thing starting form the moment it gets into his hands. This is because the mind where the whole being is controlled is functioning in a particular frequency that is most comfortable in penury. He has strange beliefs like he cannot become wealthy for certain reasons best know to him.

Some of these people may give lip service about what they want and can do with money but they are intrinsically antagonistic to money and wealthy people. They criticize the rich and wealthy and prefer to live from hand to mouth. Some even see money or call money evil.

Nobody was born with this kind of mentality so it can be cured. It was formed by the kind of information that it was fed with. Such wrong information fed into the mind consciously cripples and deforms the mind and make the mind malfunction, the mind operates far beyond it capacity.Wealth building is a mental thing,it is not in how much you earn but how much your mind is active and alive.

To get the mind back it must be transformed by feeding it now with they right and healthy information consistently and persistently. A formed mindset is like concert, ones it is difficult to break. It will take patience and time to do away with it.

It may not be comfortable unlearning the mind of these poisonous information it is carrying inside because not every one like change and change is really not easy but it is the best decision any one can make with such a challenge. This kind change is drastic, I call it a paradigm shift.Wealth building is not for special individuals but for all who are willing to take the bold step that the rich and wealthy took weeks,months or years ago.You too can become very rich and wealthy.